Newcastle Bagpipers Australia, Phone: 0417 209 886

Funeral & Memorial Piper

Firstly, our sincere condolences.

Newcastle Bagpipers can offer you a purely first-class service showing you and your family the utmost respect and dignity. 

We have performed at a wide variety of locations, giving us the expertise, and giving you a well cultured and individual performance.From all over the central west of NSW to Sydney and even as far as the United Kingdom. You can be sure that you're getting the highest quality at your funeral or memorial. 

We service Newcastle, the Hunter Region, Lake Macquarie, Port Stevens, the Central Coast and all the way up to Port Macquarie.

Our Funeral & Memorial services include but are not limited to;

      • Playing at Anzac or Remembrance Day services
      • Playing mourners into the church or venue
      • Playing the family into the church or venue
      • Playing playing the casket into the church or venue
      • Playing the casket to the alter
      • Playing during the service
      • Playing out the casket and mourners
      • Playing at burial, wreath laying or scattering of ashes

This is of course just a guide, we are very flexible and can cater for anything you have in mind. 

We exhibit a wide range of music. From very traditional tunes to more modern pieces and styles, Newcastle Bagpipers have the right music for you and your Funeral or Memorial. If you need help with music selection give us a call or contact us via email here!

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