Newcastle Bagpipers Australia, Phone: 0417 209 886

Bagpipe Tuition

Here at Newcastle Bagpipers we offer private lessons ranging from beginners to well established players servicing Newcastle & the Hunter Region. 

Music is a great way to help yourself or your children to improve in key areas such as;

Self Discipline
Self Confidence
Goal setting
Personal Expression

We offer a tuition package that we will personally tailor to you or your child focusing both on theory and practical knowledge. This includes acquiring apractice chanter for the student to practice and learn on in lessons and at home.  

We take students in the Newcastle area only but arrangements can be made if you live further away.

Bagpipes have taken me around the world so if you or someone you know is interested in learning the Great Highland Bagpipe please contact us as it is a culture that breeds ambition and success.

Bagpipe Tuition newcastle & hunter region, learn the bagpipes

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